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Targetpayandbenefits Full Guide In For Of Steps

This article guide is all concerned about the advantages or benefits of Target Pay. Just you have to do is to get your self signed in to the official website that is and you’ll be provided with the number of advantages there. In the start of this guide, let us make your learn that What Target Pay And benefits is all about?”targetpayandbenefits

Information Of the Portal

This is known to be an online portal that is all concerned with the salaries and the payments also connected with the other advantageous aspects in the grouping of health, financial and the career benefits that are provided by the Target Corporation especially conducted for it’s employees. It is also known as Target Pay and Benefits Hewitt and handled by Aon Hewitt. They also provide the competitive salaries that are in comparison with to the similar organizations that are available in the market. These plus points are to be in the condition of the health services, also in financial services and obviously in the career services. Let us move ahead with a number of different options provided in the article guide we have provided for you.

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Category Of These Target Stores

There are three main categories of these stores that are stated as shown below :

  • Target- A medium based area as the super market for all the neighbors in the daily requirements.
  • Super Target- As read by the name, these are almost fifty per cent greater that the Target one.
  • After that, it comes City Target and Target Express- These are known to be one of the biggest stores in the target stores chain and are having the largest variety that is linked to the other stores.

Benefits Of TargetpayandBenefits

Here are the number of benefits that are provided below :

  • They provide Medical, dental vision and the prescription coverage of drugs.
  • Tele Health- The doctors provide a health advice with their phone or their computer 24 X 7
  • All the healthy actions are praised by this program.
  • There is also a well known maternity program that offers different and easy resources and the hold 24 by 7 to all the mothers those are pregnant.
  • Nurse line is as like that of the Tele Health.
  • The team members can have a Tobacco Cessation Program that is depended on the enrolled target.
  • With the aspect of Well Being Education the employees are able to take part in different workshops and such other activities
  • With the area of team member life resources the employees are able to get free and a very perfect secret counselling and many more offers that are presented to the employees.
  • Career Benefits- the employees are having an opportunity to learn different aspects. These factors are listed below:
  • On Boarding
  • The Development programs that take the employee to an enhanced manner.
  • Tuition programs as the employees are paid with such job to get more knowledge about one topic.
  • GED Reimbursement All the members of the team gets a reimbursement for the case of costs that are linked with the General Education Development.

Login Information Of TargetpayandBenefits

  • Just keep in mind that You have a good connection with your computer.
  • Visit the TargetpayandBenefits Official website by opening your browser.
  • Tap on the Log On option.
  • Insert the user ID and password.
  • If you are already an employee, then just tap on “CLICK HERE” below the “Active Target Team Members”.
  • Now, after the above steps, insert your Target ID and password to have a log in.
  • Now, you would be redirected in your account after providing all the accurate details.

Contact Information

  • Official Website – 
  • Target Pay And Benefits Hewitt website –
  • Live call from Monday to Friday (9am till 7 pm) at
  • Target Career contact portal then visit –
  • To talk with client support -linked with  Target Pay and Benefits then call on 612-3044357.
  • For Target Benefits Center Executive call on- 800-828-5850.
  • To talk with call on- 1-800-591-3869.
  • Talk with Registries and lists call on – 1-800-888-9333.
  • To talk with Store Experience call on- 7-800-544-2943-
  • For the details of pharmacy and clinic linked with CVS Pharmacy call on- 1-800-746-7287.
  • To talk regarding Minute Clinic call on- 1-866-389-2727.
  • For target REDcard Mailing Address here you are provided with the address.
    • P.O. Box 660170
    • Dallas, TX 75266-0170


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