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How to Activate a Sears Master Card Online !!

All the Shoppers of Sears are always have a chance to get registered to Sears Card Activate . It is a famous credit card which we get from Citibank and it is acceptable at many stores.  The Sears Card have many  Reward for their customers and they also when they sign up they get  one or more one-time benefits like discounts on a purchase .If you are the user of Citibank Sears Card,  you have to Sears Card Activate first before using it. The Citibank manage the activation by them self and is a quick process.

Sears Card ActivateNOTE 

You can use The Sears MasterCard  with any of the member of the Sears Holding Company, which includes  Sears/, Kmart/,  Sears Auto Centers, Sears Hometown Stores,Sears Essentials, Sears Grand,and Sears Hardware.

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Sears Card Activate Online

For Sears Card Activate all the new users should must have their perks of Citibank’s online card activation system. You just have to go to the  Citibank Portal  and Then follow the Instructions. You should have your card in your hand and the your account  details for Completing the process. As they would require your name as it is on the card, birth date, credit card number, and 3-digit security code. 

You just have to put the right information and submit . You are done and then Sear Card Activate in few seconds.How to Activate Sears Card

Activating Your MasterCard Over the Phone

For Sears Card Activate online which is the fastest way . You just have to give a call on  their toll-free number . Just contact Citibank’s activation line by dialing 1 (800) 589-7327.

Fast & Simple Sears Card  Activation Instructions

This activation portal is the quick way getting process done .Just Follow the given instructions and have tour credit card in your hand because you would need that for filling information from it. If you still having an issue Give a call on 

Activation Assistance (Citibank): 1 (800) 815-7701

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Tips for New Credit Card Users :

  • For security Of your card you should sign at the back side of it before using it.
  •  Must read your card holder agreement attentively.

Try to get the maximum from your new card!  Keep updating yourself  from all the card’s profitability And utilize them.


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