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NJMCDirect Online Payment Method Procedure

The worst thing about travelling to New Jersey is to pay for ticket by waiting and standing in those long lines. Other  way?  Through sending a mail,which means wasting the stamp and check. .So, for getting rid of all those troubles, the easiest way is the online by NJMCDirect.


$2 is the only Convenience fee. I don’t agree with online fee because there are fewer people in lines and it also reduces the administration’s stress of work and paperwork personally  but, the government feels it easy money or might possible they have to give high website fee for updating but,who knows.

NOW, if you think that you want to go with the easiest method which is online payment. So these are some important things which would help you in this procedure.

Payment Details

  • There are 3 procedure which are online, Mail or by in person.
  • Online convenience fee you have to pay is $2
  • Things you would need are the Ticket, License Plate, Court ID and credit card.
  • Location is new jersey.

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Method to Pay your ticket using NJMCDirect

You just have to visit to the NJMCDirect Website.

You should have this information right in your hand at the time of payment.

·         Your Ticket

·          License Plate no.

·         Credit Card no.

·         The Municipal Court Code ID

 Homepage of NJMCDirect

That is how the official homepage of NJMCDirect looks like :

NJMCdirect guide

if it don’t seems like this then you are not on the right place .

And if you are on the right website and put the information mentioned above,  which are the license plate no, your ticket information, your municipal court ID and credit card information . After that submit your payment and you are done with process in few minutes. If you are having any kind of issue related to NJMCDirect Payment let us know.


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