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Midas Credit Card Login Procedure Guide

You can get Midas Credit Card through Synchrony Bank . You can enjoy lots of advantages and Rewards by Credit Card for purchasing from the U.S Exxon and Mobile Gas Station. Midas Credit Card do not have any annual fee with it, they do not charge any introductory APR rate. Over All this card have very low Credit card Demands.

Perks of Midas Credit Card 

They don’t ask for Any interest if for the first six month you’ve paid the full amount on  purchases of $199 or more than that :

  • The interest will be deducted from your account if you haven’t done purchases of $199 or more within first six months.
  • It requires minimum payment of Month.
  • There is no annual fee attached with it.
  • It works on more than 10,000 Midas locations.
  • You can also control your account online.
  • You can use Midas Credit Card At Exxon and Mobile has Station.

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Midas Credit Card Fees/ Rate

  • There is no annual Fee  attached with it.
  •   There is no Introductory APR Rate charged.
  • Normal APR rate of Midas Credit Card is 27.24.

Midas Credit Card

How to Apply for the Midas Credit Card

Application Criteria

There is an eligibility criteria for the customer to get approval of your Midas Credit Card The Criteria’ is as following :midas credit card login

  • First Of all , Go to the Official enrollment Page then Enter The “Apply” Button .
  • On the next page you have to provide all your personal Information details.
  • Next, You have provide the delivery method of statement . Its up to you  that which method you want to choose , paperless statements or electronics statements.
  • You also have to select the debt cancellation plan in case of these things happening: Job issues , illness,Leave of absence, home stay Sickness, Loss of life
  • At last, you have to go through the “Terms and Conditions “ and then “Continue “.

Customer Service

In case you are facing any kind of issue just give a  Call on : (800) 621-8545 .


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