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Merrick Credit Card Login Procedure Guide

You can have the Merrick Bank Credit Card through Merrick Bank. By Merrick Credit Card Login , you can avail lots of rewards and benefits. The card do not have any introductory APR rate . You can use it just as VISA card.Merrick Credit Card Login

 Perks of Merrick Credit Card Login

  • Right After,  you get your Merrick Bank Credit Card, You will be rewarded by the initial credit line, It depends on their $200- $3,000 deposit.
  • Your account details is shared with 3 main credit bureaus.
  • You can maintain and make your credit by your performance.
  • Through  Merrick Bank Credit Card Login you can secure and control your credit card online without any extra charges.
  •  Your credit cards deposit are Insured by FDIC .
  • The  financial institution also make take responsibility that there would be no fraud of even $0 .

Process for Merrick Credit Card Login


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Merrick Bank Fees/ Rates

  •  The Annual Fee of per year is only  36$ .
  •  Security Deposit of Merrick bank is $200.
  • The Normal APR Rate is  17.70.
  • The Cash Advance APR Rate is 22.70.
  • Cash Advance Fees you have to submit is 4% or 10$.
  • Grace Period is almost  25 days.
  • And the Foreign Transaction Fee is –2%.

How to Apply for the Merrick Bank Credit Card Login

Application Criteria

There is an Eligibility Criteria for Every Customer for a successful approval of Merrick Credit Card  Login, these are the details about that criteria :

  • The age of the applicant should be at least 18 Years.
  • An Applicant must be the inhabitant of United States of America.
  • The applicant should be able to fund the security deposit.
  • An applicant should must have a valid Social security number.

PROCESS to Apply

  • Visit the Official Homepage of Merrick Credit Card Login and click on the button “Apply”.
  • Thereafter, on this page you have to provide all the  required personal information.
  • At last, read the terms and condition and “Accept” and “Continue” .

To check status

The applicant can check their application status by simply calling on the bank number 1-800-204-5936 and providing them your reference number to activate the account.

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Customer Service 

You can get help by dialing Phone Number : 1-800-204-5936

The mail of Merrick Bank is

  1. O. Box 9201
  2. Old Beth page, NY 11804- 9001.

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